European Race Walking Cup Poděbrady 2017

21 May 2017 Races: Men - 50km and 20km, Men U20 - 10km, Women - 20km, Women U20 - 10km

27.4. 2017

School competition with Anežka Drahotová

Children up to 15 year have a great chance to take part within the 2017 European Race Walking Cup in Poděbrady. Czech Athletic federation organises a…

25.4. 2017

Poděbrady invites fans with a special video

The promotion video we would like to introduce today shows a colorful race walk history towards the 120th celebration of the Czech Athletics. The…

23.4. 2017

Poděbrady await the race walk fest in a month

The central European spa city will see the top athletic event on 21 May – The 12th European Race Walking Cup. The face of the event is the home star…


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